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Our Story

We are a highly motivated and innovative non-profit organisation.

Our programs include input from our experienced team of directors, regular research, millennial participation, and a rapid response ability. As such our programming is trendsetting, sensitive to modern technologies and well synchronised with stakeholders.

We keep our operational expenses low by using best practice management and efficient means of communication. This allows us to focus and ensure that our chosen communities and participants remain the key beneficiaries of the fruits of our efforts.

In order to reach as many people as possible, we aim to run all our programs remotely. This opens up the possibility to be able to work from any location to best serve the community, no matter where they may find themselves. 

We believe our free spirited nature of programming works well in both innovative and conventional approaches. At the end of the day, our intention is to design and execute programs around uplifting our home, the community.


Past projects

This event is earmarked to become an annual event for the foundation. 

The focus is to create conference mentorship that influences the thinking and desires of our youth. The discussions are both development in nature and presents a response to pertinent societal issues.

future program: 2020

The Annual Youth Conference For Boys & Men

This program is a direct response to the raging impact of the COVID-19 on the community of Mamelodi.

The Foundation runs a food drive every Wednesday, in which it seeks to bring relief to the food shortages created by the raging Coronavirus.  

The program is currently fully funded by the Skosana family. 

We hope to inspire many others who can assist our society with some form of immediate relief.

Serve the people

Mamelodi Food Drive

Gender based violence response

The GBV Roundtable

As an organisation we believe that there is an immediate response needed to address the immense disregard we are experiencing towards females in South Africa.

We have recently seen a spike in female murders, molestation, and an unwarranted increase in violent attacks on women and children. This is an awful reality that shames our society to the core. 

As a result, our Foundation has invoked an immediate rapid response strategy, which is a consolidation of online, conventional and partnership efforts.



This program speaks to the core of our existence.

From our inception we have believed in developing adult males that are respectful of women, children, and other members of society.

Our program focuses on the physical and psychological development of young men. Our efforts are both preventative and retrospective in its orientation towards behaviour setting and corrective action.

The outcomes of our efforts produce male ambassadors, who in turn drive positive behaviour into society. This is done through activities that include conventional and as well as more innovative interactions.

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