Impilo 0720 Sports
Excellence Centre

  •  Is a sport center based in Mamelodi West tennis courts, they give children an opportunity to succeed in sports and in their education.
  • We have partnered with Impilo by sharing non-perishable goods with them, which they in turn share with the children to take back to their homes. This helps to ensure that we reduce the number of children that go to bed and to school on an empty stomach.

Happy Hearts FC

  • Is a soccer club, also based in Mamelodi. Young boys are encouraged to take part in sports under the mentorship of Bab’ Ngulu. It is not just about sports but they are taught values, respect and discipline. These are all values that if one can grow without being taught, only spells disaster for the future of that young men.
  • We support them by going to their soccer fixtures, sharing fruits and water for games. We also help them with registrations for tournaments. They fall under our mentorship program for boys.
Dlalisa Moyeni foundation carries out projects that aim to impact the community.

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