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how it works

We help where we are able to and at times this isn’t enough.

We would really appreciate your assistance by either participation or donation. This would go a long way in helping to carry out our efforts, which have always been aimed at the betterment of the community. 

We have listed various ways in which you can participate and donate to our programs. 

Feel free to contact us and communicate your thoughts on how we can better serve the community

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We invite all South Africans to contribute to our cause. There are several ways in which society can participate and we welcome each hand and every effort. Our participation options inspire involvement towards a greater cause.

We are flexible in our approach and therefore are open to discuss any additional partnering options.

Volunteering represents the core orientation of non-profit organisations. Members of society are free to join us as volunteers on our various programs.

We look forward to expanding our impact through the contribution of our volunteers.

Members of society can create their own unique contributions to our programs. These uniquely designed proposals must be validated and approved by us.

We are of the opinion that independent programming enhances our creativity and advances our impact.

The act of giving is a highly valued corporate value. Our foundation is therefore keen to partner with as many corporations as possible to advance our course.

Corporate partnerships include sponsorships, ad-hoc financial contributions to our programs, and Corporate Social Investment implementation.

We are fortunate to be able to work with the South African government. We develop niche programming and role this out under a Government mandated joint programs.

In addition, we support government in rolling out their programs, when such programming matches our overall intentions.

We are keen to partner with like-minded non-profit organizations strategically or operationally. These types of partnerships often result in short term joint ventures.

We partner with funding agencies when such opportunities present themselves. These partnerships often result in us working on projects that expand our basic scope of work.

We have a strongly anchored value that guides us on these projects, this is: “wherever we can help make the place a better place” we will assist.

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