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The Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation was founded by Mr Bongani Skosana, in memory of his late father, Dlalisa Moyeni.

The intention was to address gender based social ills in the South African society.

The initial focus was to equip boy-children with life skills, aimed at empowering them with the necessary tools to positively contribute to the South African society, and indeed the world.

Mr Skosana, from the onset, desired to influence the behaviour of young men, with the intention to set into motion a societal chain reaction that positively impacts the behavioural and psychological tone across developing men.

The engagement with these developing adults was and continues to be set through preventative and retrospective training and mentoring.

Our founder

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Engagement with reality

The values and responsive nature of the foundation effectively lay the platform for its decisions.

This is particularly important in the consideration of the current South African socio-economic conditions. The foundation remains extremely concerned with the large levels of inequality in South Africa and as such, have included the related impact and dynamics into its scope of work.

“Our scope of work has further been expanded by the prevailing moral decay witnessed and experienced across the nation,” mentions Mr Skosana.

The New South Africa, or as it is passionately known globally, as the Rainbow Nation, has experienced significant adjustment issues, after the abolishment of previously restraining policies. The Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation takes all these dynamics into its programs, to ensure that it deals with active challenges and fundamentally creates a new orientation within developing adults. An orientation that will result in a better South Africa, and a better world.

Our work is intended to create ambassadors for our country, who execute their lives with a high standard of conduct, as well as an optimal consideration for other living beings. The mindsets that we are keen to create are value driven, family orientated and have self-respect in abundance. Our programs are built around these dynamics and dreams.


To create a South African society that is recognised worldwide for its noteworthy respect and appreciation towards others.

This  which in turn is explicitly demonstrated daily in engagement with the community at large, respect for gender differences, appreciation for responsibilities, and due respect for themselves.

To influence the cognitive, behavioural and value orientations of the youth across South Africa.

We aim to create a greater sense of community, respect and self-awareness through intentional programming and highly valued partnerships.



Change – We deliberately influence changes to the core orientations that our communities must undergo in order to become progressive and impactful

Inclusivity – We have no limitation in our scoping. All communities benefit from our work

Partnership – The work at hand is substantial. We therefore work with all like-minded individuals and institutions

Accountability – All our work is done deliberately, and we have tangible results to show for it

The founders

Bongani Skosana

Founder & Executive Chairperson

Tumisang Skosana

Deputy Chairperson