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Welcome to dlalisa moyeni foundation

Our Story

Welcome to the Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation.

We are a duly incorporated Non-Profit Organization, based in South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria.

The overall purpose of our work is to address social-ills in the South African society. We do this by creating programs that are intentionally rolled out to meet pre-set and impactful objectives.

We work in partnership with other stakeholders, which include, like-minded commercial institutions, associations with partnering non-profits, the public sector, and the South African public.

We believe that the “task ahead is always tough, but through purposeful execution and calculated momentum, the mission is achieved.”

We look forward to meeting you and involving you in our aspirations and efforts to make South Africa a better place for all who live in it.


The Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation is against Gender Based Violence

Co-founder Tumisang Skosana talks about the national crisis that is Gender Based Violence. She addresses her thoughts and feelings about GBV and her hopes on how the foundation can help.

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How we help

Our Programs


This program speaks to the core of our existence.

From our inception we have believed in developing adult males that are respectful of women, children, and other members of society.

Our program focuses on the physical and psychological development of young men. Our efforts are both preventative and retrospective in its orientation towards behaviour setting and corrective action.

Serve the people: MAMELODI Food drive

This program is a direct response to the raging impact of the COVID-19 on the community of Mamelodi.

The Foundation runs a food drive every Wednesday, in which it seeks to bring relief to the food shortages created by the raging Coronavirus.  

We hope to inspire many others who can assist our society with some form of immediate relief.



  • Is a civil rights organisation based in Hatfield, Pretoria.
  • We have partnered with them for the food drive, every Wednesday at Mamelodi West
  • They also play a role in our mentorship program by motivating our young boys in the way a man should handle himself (interms of handling pressure, controlling their anger and treating women and children with respect). They speak in our workshops and conferences. This is how we have partnered up with them in the fight against violence that is being unleashed on women and children.


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2021 Guest Speaker